NewsSaeid Esmaeilzadeh & Ashkan Pouya: Stockholm – one of the best places in the world to realize dreams


“The American Dream should be renamed the Swedish Dream. Stockholm is one of the the best places in the world for an entrepreneur to realize dreams”, says Ashkan Pouya and Saeid Esmaeilzadeh.

Utdrag ur intervju i Årsberättelse – Stockholm “The Capital of Scandinavia”:

Today, Serendipity Innovations is a “house of technologies and home of entrepreneurs”, with innovation processes and corporate develop- ment as core competences. Since its inception, Serendipity has founded and managed more than 10 companies. The company has been profitable from day one and the turnover has grown continuously.

A hotbed for international talents

– One thing we’ve learnt is that you don’t have to best at everything yourself. An important success factor is to be able to attract good people – and to make them happy and work towards the same goals, says Saeid Esmaeil- zadeh.
Serendipidity’s office bears witness to this attitude, housing more than 30 talented people from 15 different countries, including South Africa, Germany, Russia and Iran.

– Stockholm is a perfect place both to start and run a business, with good infrastructure, a great amount of competence, transparency, a good legal system and an optimal location right between New York and Tokyo, says Ashkan Pouya.

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