NewsOrganoWood enters distribution agreement for the Baltic market

OrganoClick’s co-owned subsidiary OrganoWood has entered into a sales and distribution agreement with Osmo Baltic for the Baltic market (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania). The agreement is valid for Osmo Baltic to sell and distribute OrganoWood’s wooden products as well as OrganoWoods wood treatment products in the Baltic region.

Currently OrganoWood is established through its own sales companies in Sweden, and Norway and has distribution agreements for its wooden products in Finland, Denmark, Germany and the UK. For its wood treatment products, OrganoWood is represented by distributors in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the UK, and the Benelux countries. This has proven to be an expansion strategy that works very well.

Osmo Baltic is a well established of wooden products and wood treatment products, and has sales offices in all three Baltic countries. The company is selling both to industrial customers as well as to consumers. Although being relatively small region, the Baltic states has a quite big wood industry with many companies working with the manufacturing of wooden houses and wooden products.

– “We are very selective when choosing distributors internationally. They are very important partners for us and a key part of our international expansion strategy. We are really looking forward to see what Osmo Baltic can contribute to this expansion and in particular as the Baltic region has a strong industrial market .” says Jens Hamlin, CEO OrganoWood AB.

The agreement with Osmo Baltic is a five year exclusive contract, stipulating annual minimum order volumes in order for the exclusivity to continue.

For more information, please contact:
Jens Hamlin, VD OrganoWood,
Telefon: +46 72 250 21 79,