NewsOrganoClicks third largest shareholder Serendipity Ixora proposes distribution of a majority of its listed shares including OrganoClick

OrganoClick informs that the Company’s third largest shareholder Serendipity Ixora AB, intends to distribute all its shares in OrganoClick to its shareholders. After the distribution that is expected to take place after 19 January 2018, Serendipity Group AB will have 5.14 percent of the outstanding shares in OrganoClick and be the 6th largest shareholder.

OrganoClick AB (”OrganoClick” or the ”Company”) has been informed that Serendipity Ixora AB who owns 8,357,422 shares, equivalent to 11.22 percent, of the outstanding shares in OrganoClick intends to distribute all its shares in OrganoClick to its shareholders. A formal decision will be taken at Serendipity Ixora’s extra general meeting on January 10, 2018. If decided on a distribution of shares, Serendipity Group AB, who owns 45.82 percent of the shares in Serendipity Ixora AB, will after the distribution be the 6th largest shareholder in OrganoClick with 5.14 percent of OrganoClick’s shares. Serendipity Group is owned 50 % each of OrganoClick’s board member Ashkan Pouya, and his business partner Saeid Esmaeilzadeh.

Serendipity Ixora will make a notice in Swedish national media on December 27, 2017 of its extraordinary general meeting to be held January 10, 2018. The proposal of distribution of shares is subject to decision of the extraordinary general meeting and if so decided, the record date will be 12 January 2018. The distribution of the shares is thereafter expected to take place after 19 January 2018.

Ashkan Pouya, board member of OrganoClick, comments: “Me and my business partner Saeid have been with the Company since its foundation and we are happy and proud of how the Company has developed until today. The decision about distribution of shares is a strategic decision for Serendipity Ixora and concerns a number of our listed companies that have reach a certain maturity. Me and Saeid look upon OrganoClick as a long term investment and we believe there are very good opportunities for us as shareholders to get a continued good return from today’s levels. Green chemistry and eco-friendly functional materials as a replacement to fossil-based plastics and toxic chemicals are a growing field which generates more and more interest and we believe that OrganoClick is very well positioned to become one of the world’s leading players.” 

Mårten Hellberg, CEO and co-founder off OrganoClick, comments: ”Together with Ashkan and Saeid I have had an exciting journey since the foundation of OrganoClick and I am looking forward in continuing this journey through their fully owned holding company Serendipity Group. After the distribution of the shares I also want to welcome Serendipity Ixoras other shareholders as direct shareholders in OrganoClick.”  

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