NewsOrganoClicks subsidiary BIOkleen signs general agreement with Granngården

OrganoClicks subsidiary, BIOkleen Miljökemi AB, sells and markets cleaning and maintenance products for wood, home, house, and automotive. BIOkleen’s products are available both at paint dealers, DIYs and building supply stores and with the recently signed agreement with Granngården, they too will distribute the products in all their stores.

BIOkleen Miljökemi AB is a cleantech company that sells and markets cleaning and maintenance products for Villa, Home, Garden & Vehicles. Our products take care of both outdoor and indoor environments in an efficient and gentle way, with several products being eco-labeled with the Nordic Swan.

Granngården has about 110 stores that as a start, will keep BIOkleens Alg & Mögeltvätt, Tralltvätt and Penseltvätt in stock. Granngården believe that people thrive on a life in harmony with nature and animals. The store concept is therefore to offer reliable products and services, wise advice, and lots of inspiration.

– We have over the years developed products for a variety of applications for house and homes as well as vehicles. The products are designed for both professionals and DIYs. The Granngården profile of high service and focus on quality and environment suits BIOkleen’s product portfolio perfectly, says CEO Robert Weber at BIOkleen.

Since the 80s, BIOkleen’s products have been sold and marketed in Sweden. The product development has been focused on the problems faced when performing maintenance of House, Home, Garden & Vehicles. The product’s purpose is to prevent and solve problem related to cleaning and maintenance. Using BIOkleen’s products means high quality, simplicity, support, inspiration and advice.

For more information, please contact:
Robert Weber, CEO BIOkleen Miljökemi AB
Phone: +46 707 656 68 13