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Affärsvärlden, one of Sweden’s leading business magazine, has recently published an article on this year’s “Sweden Technology Fast 50”, Deloitte’s independent ranking of the fastest growing technology companies. The ranking shows continued strong sales growth in the Swedish technology industry. Among the 10 fastest technology companies are among others Fingerprint Cards, iZettle and Q-channel. OrganoClick meets all the formal requirements for the list and would be placed on a 6th place, with its growth rate of 2 828%, but was not on the list because the activity code (SIC code) OrganoClick has was not included in the Deloitte survey.

The article in Affärsvärlden told of the ranking of the Fast50 companies. The ranking is based on Sweden’s 50 fastest growing technology companies, in terms of sales performance during the past four years. Deloitte do the ranking based on a number of formal criteria that companies must meet (see below) and select the technology companies by searching through companies from a number of SIC-codes from the Swedish Tax Agency. Unfortunately, the SIC-code that OrganoClick is registered under, was not included this year but Deloitte confirms in writing that OrganoClick meets all the formal requirements for the list.

– At OrganoClick® we are incredibly proud that we have grown so quickly but clearly are a bit disappointed that we were not published on the Fast50 official list. A 6th place in competition with Sweden’s fastest growing IT companies is however even better than we could hope for. The most important of all, however, is that all our sales growth also contributes to a better environment. In coming years, we believe we can accelerate our growth even more as we see great potential for green chemistry and renewable materials, says Mårten Hellberg, CEO of OrganoClick AB.

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