NewsOrganoClick® is one of the selected businesses to participate at the SwitchMed event in Tunisia

In the age of the global economy, no business operates in isolation. The SwitchMed B2B event encourages the cooperation between EU eco-innovative businesses, and SMEs in Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt. The purpose is to release the potential of circular economy business solutions as a driver for economic growth. Through a screening process, OrganoClick® was selected, together with 29 other European cleantech companies, to participate at the networking event in Tunisia the 2nd of December.

The event is organized by the United Nation Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the European Commission. The goal is to connect EU eco-innovation technologies, like the ones developed by OrganoClick®, with businesses of the Southern Mediterranean region. The objective is to strengthen the internationalization of start-ups in the region and to improve their ability to achieve common competitive advantages in innovation, greening and resource efficiency.

– We are very proud to be participating at SwitchMed event in Tunisia. To make a difference to the environmental changes needed in the world all businesses, in all countries, have to contribute. We see great potential in sharing our “know-how”. We also look forward to building mutual relationships with innovative start-ups from this region for further interesting business opportunities, says Mårten Hellberg CEO at OrganoClick AB.

The potential business benefits of applying eco-innovative solutions for SMEs are significant as they provide potential to;

  • increase profitability along the value chain
  • stay ahead of standards and regulations
  • attract additional investments
  • increase productivity and technical capacity
  • open the access of new emerging markets for their products

For more information, please contact:
Mårten Hellberg, CEO OrganoClick AB
0707 – 16 48 90