NewsFunding from Vinnova for risk waste containers made of the biocomposite OrganoComp®

OrganoClick has been granted SEK 1.4 million from Vinnova for establishing pilot production and making a full size prototype of a risk waste container made from OrganoClick’s biocomposite OrganoComp®. The purpose is to replace the plastic based risk waste containers that are used within primarily the health care system but also within academic and industrial research.

Risk waste containers are used for disposal of risk waste that are sent for destruction by incineration. In Sweden alone, between 1.5-2 million risk waste containers are used annually. An important pre-requisite for the trasformation from fossil-based to bio-based materials is that the products are attractive for the end customers. Bio-based products often face the challenge of higher costs than fossil-based products. OrganoComp® is based on Swedish wood fibers which are both an attractive alternative from an environmental and economic perspective in comparison to oil-based plastics.

The development of the risk waste container started 2016 in a project together with the Västra Götaland region, Värmland region and Norwegian Östfold fylke. During 1.5 years, the material was developed and tested according to the standards of risk waste containers. Product design and a small prototype was developed together with a focus group composed of different users of risk waste containers in the health care system and with companies handling the risk waste.

In this final part of the project, production tools and a full size prototype will be produced that can be used for certification of the product. In total, Vinnova is funding the project with SEK 1.4 million within Vinnova’s program Innovation project in companies. The project will be performed during one year with start in June 2018. The goal is to start producing and supplying the new risk waste container in 2019.


For more information, please contact:
Mårten Hellberg
CEO OrganoClick AB
phone: +46 (0)8-684 001 10