NewsEpisurf Medical’s CEO Pål Ryfors acquires shares corresponding to 3.2% of capital and 6.8% of votes from main shareholder Serendipity Ixora

Episurf Medical’s (NASDAQ: EPIS B) CEO Pål Ryfors and the company’s largest shareholder Serendipity Ixora have today reached an agreement in which Pål Ryfors acquires 983,607 A-shares in Episurf Medical, corresponding to 3.2% of the capital and 6.8% of the votes from Serendipity Ixora. Following this transaction, Pål Ryfors will be the company’s second largest shareholder counting by the votes. Following the transaction, Serendipity Ixora will hold 4,661,519 A-shares corresponding to 15.3% of capital and 32.3% of the votes in the company. Pål Ryfors will own 983,607 A-shares and 32,786 B-shares in the company, corresponding to 3.3% of the capital and 6.9% of the votes. The price for the transaction is set to SEK 6.10 per share.

“I am very proud of becoming a large shareholder in Episurf Medical, a company which really has taken a good position in its industry. We have a world-leading technique and very good results and we are in a situation where we just have accessed the market, and we have been very well received. We are currently building our clinical evidence supporting our technology, and this forms the basis for our future. I am acquiring these shares because I believe there is a significant long-term potential in Episurf Medical. Further, I think that the team in place, in combination with the company’s technology and opportunities, constitutes a highly interesting investment opportunity for me”, says Pål Ryfors, CEO Episurf Medical.

“We are happy for the fact that Pål Ryfors very clearly has signaled his interest in building a significant long-term shareholding in the company” says Saeid Esmaeilzadeh, Chairman of Serendipity Ixora and board member in Episurf Medical.

In order to align the interests of the CEO with Episurf Medical’s shareholders, Serendipity Ixora has provided financing at negotiated terms.

For more information, please contact:
Pål Ryfors, CEO, Episurf Medical
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