NewsEpisurf Medical’s 50th Episealer® implant in Germany demonstrates rapid clinical adoption

Episurf Medical announces that the 50th implantation in Germany of the Episealer® knee implant will take place in the coming days. Episurf Medical intensified its activities in Germany during 2016 and the company’s technology has been very well received by key surgeons in the country. Germany is one of the company’s prioritized markets.

“In Germany we started our efforts in the regions around Berlin, Hamburg and Münster with great results. We then continued to focus on additional German regions and have today a sales team covering all parts of Germany. The clinical feedback from surgeons and patients in Germany is very positive and our surgeons have accepted the Episealer® as one of their standard treatments, so we look forward to helping more patients back to an active life without knee pain“, says Dirk Tretau, Regional Manager for Episurf Medical in North and West Germany.

“We are very happy that our early users in Germany contributed to a rate of more than one implantation every second week during 2016 in Germany. We are in the early days of our commercialisation, and we couldn’t have asked for a better start in Germany. It’s all about starting on a limited scale and producing good clinical results, just as we are doing. Dirk and his colleagues are doing a great job which continues in 2017”, says Pål Ryfors, acting CEO and CFO of Episurf Medical.

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