NewsEpisurf Medical’s 100th Episealer® implant in Germany

Episurf Medical announces that the surgery of the 100th Episealer® implant in Germany will take place in the coming weeks.

“There is currently great activity around the Episealer® knee implants in the German market. Several German clinics have initiated marketing activities where they use the Episealer® as a proof of being at the forefront of novel knee cartilage treatments. This is of course of great help for our market acceptance. We would like to thank all the clinics working with us at this early stage, as we jointly work towards helping a large group of patients back to living life“ says Pål Ryfors, CEO of Episurf Medical.

In total, more than 250 patients have been treated with the Episealer® knee implantat.

For more  information, please contact:
Pål Ryfors, CEO, Episurf Medical
Tel:+46 (0) 709 62 36 69