NewsEpisurf Medical’s 100th Episealer® Femoral Twin implant demonstrates rapid clinical adoption

Episurf Medical (NASDAQ: EPIS B) announces the 100th implantation of the knee implant Episealer Femoral Twin, which together with Episealer Condyle Solo and Episealer Trochlea Solo constitute Episurf Medical’s product portfolio of patient-specific knee implants. This personalised treatment solution was developed to treat patients presenting with larger areas and an elongated nature of chondral and osteochondral damage of the femoral condyles and trochlea area of the knee.

“According to theory, a knee in need of an Episealer Twin implant is often somewhat more damaged, possibly further along the development of osteoarthrosis, compared to a knee with the need of an Episealer Solo implant. We are very happy that also these larger lesions respond well to the Episealer and that we can successfully help patients with more challenging lesions. This is reassuring”, says Professor Leif Ryd, Senior Medical Advisor to Episurf Medical.

In August 2017, Episurf Medical announced that the 250th implantation of the Episealer knee implant had been scheduled, which in addition to the Femoral Twin implant, also includes the Episealer Condyle Solo and Episealer Trochlea Solo implants.

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