NewsEpisurf Medical achieves milestone of 150th implant

Episurf will achieve its 150th implant during the week of 28th November 2016. This milestone of Episealer knee implant surgeries demonstrates the increasing rate of adoption within the orthopaedic community for the Episurf Medical’s patient specific approach for the treatment of focal cartilage lesions.

“The Episealer concept is gaining traction and less than 6 months after case number 100, we are now reaching 150. The orthopaedic surgical implant market is decidedly conservative and incrementally, Episurf is moving into the area of evidence-based medicine. The results to date are very encouraging and builds further optimism as they show rapid recovery along with a significant improvement in the quality of life for our patients”, said Dr Leif Ryd, Senior Medical Advisor to Episurf Medical.

“We are pleased to have reached this point so quickly after our 100th surgery”, said Rosemary Cunningham Thomas, CEO of Episurf Medical. “Surgeons are deciding for themselves in increasing numbers that the Episealer procedure provides significant improvements for their patients. The personalised approach, which starts with our Epioscopy® process to fully visualise and assess a patient’s cartilage damage, enables Episurf to tailor every implant to a patient’s specific anatomy and pathology. Our results are being borne out through solid clinical outcomes and a growing forward order book.’’

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