NewsEpisurf Medical: 5 years’ follow-up of the first Episealer® patient

Episurf Medical (NASDAQ: EPIS B) announces that the first patient who received an Episealer® knee implant has been on a 5-year follow-up visit. A video from that visit is now available on Episurf Medical’s website.

Nicolas Martinez Carranza, MD, PhD, performed the very first surgery with the Episealer® knee implant in 2012, after 4 years of pre-clinical research that formed the basis for the development of the implant and associated surgical instruments. In October this year, clinical follow-up and function tests were performed on this first patient.

“I am pleased to note that during the 5-years’ follow-up visit of the first patient who received an Episealer®, we saw results that few believed were possible when we started the first pre-clinical trial almost 10 years ago. The results show that this technology can be a very good option for those patients who are in the treatment gap where the options for us orthopaedic surgeons have been very limited.” comments Dr Martinez Carranza.

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