NewsChange in number of shares and votes in Episurf Medical

On the behalf of shareholders in Episurf Medical AB (NASDAQ: EPIS B), conversions of class A shares to B shares were carried out during June in accordance with the Articles of Association. Through the conversions, the number of A shares have decreased by 558 and the number of B shares have increased by the same amount.

Episurf Medical AB has also performed conversion of convertible bonds issued under the financing agreement published February 23, 2018. The number of convertibles converted in June was 20. The number of convertibles remaining during the first tranche for future conversion is 120. Through the conversion, the number of shares and votes increased by 204,639. The terms of the convertibles are published on Episurf Medical AB’s website.

The total number of shares amounts to 30,753,576, of which 5,257,078 are A shares and 25,496,498 are B shares. The total number of votes after the conversions amounts to 41,267,732.

For more  information, please contact:
Veronica Wallin, CFO, Episurf Medical
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