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“Episurf develops patient-specific implants for the early treatment of cartilage injuries that reduce pain and restore full mobility”





About Episurf Medical

Episurf Medical has developed the world’s first patient specific joint resurfacing treatment aimed at providing lasting pain relief and mobility restoration. By combining a advanced 3D modelling of the the patients anatomy and a damage assessment, Episurf designs and creates a patient-specific implant and provides the surgeon with patient-specific surgical instruments for a safeer, simpler, faster and more reproducible and precise surgery. The entire Episurf treatment process evolves around the patient.

Episurf’s product portfolio targets patients between 35-65 years of age, suffering from most types and sizes of cartilage damage in the knee joint. This is a significant but underserved group of patients who are in great need of new effective treatments, but who historically has lacked adequate treatment options. The existing therapies for repair of cartilage damage are primarily either aimed at patients younger than 35 years old or patients with osteoarthritis older than 60.

Patients between are most often referred to non surgical treatment in anticipation of a full knee prosthesis in later stage of life. Approximately 3.6 million patients worldwide are estimated to have symptomatic knee osteoarthritis who are in the so-called big treatment gap.

Episurf Medical is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Small Cap since June 2014.



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