We are builders.



As the largest shareholder in Serendipity, management has a long-term commitment and perspective. We have an active role in the business operations and strategic management of our portfolio companies. Through continuous and iterative processes, each company is developed according to Serendipity’s principles.


Prior to new investments, we evaluate market potential, scalability, competitive advantage and differentiation,  leadership, and the ability to deliver high margins over time. Neither management’s core competencies nor the commercialization process we apply are industry-specific. Therefore, Serendipity is not restricted to any particular industrial sector.


Serendipity is not exit-driven. However, divesting can be relevant if we believe a holding could be developed better under someone else’s management or if we see an opportunity to attain higher returns by investing in new companies. In general, we build to keep. As long as a holding generates satisfactory returns we do not see any reason to divest. We will periodically have companies in the portfolio that reach a maturity phase where an exit through trade sale or public listing is feasible. Such an exit will always be considered in relation to the potential returns we can obtain by continuing to develop the companies ourselves.